Blasphemy By Pakistanis!

For some reason the issue of blasphemy in Pakistan only arises when a Christian does or says something that Muslim neighbors do not like. Rimsha Masih is either 11 or 13 or 16 years of  age. All agree that she is illiterate while some of her neighbors claim she has Down Syndrome. Rimsha went to gather paper for the stove and allegedly brought in some pages that had come from the Koran. In most civilized societies, someone would have taken this girl aside and quietly explained that one does not burn pages from a holy book. But, when it comes to blashphemy, many in Pakistan regard the law as simply a way to torment Christian neighbors or enemies. Hundreds of Muslims gathered around the girl’s house and she was arrested and taken to jail. She faces blasphemy charges and potential death.

This allegedly is the 21st century. Pakistan allegedly is a modern society in which  people attend school, some go to universities. The concept of blasphemy does not belong in the 21st century. How dare anyone charge an illiterate girl with such a crime??