Blasphemy Charges Are Blasphemy!

I understand that in Egypt and other parts of the Muslim world there are those who are in constant contact with God. Heck, in America Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin  or Rick Santorum dial the big guy up in the sky almost every day of the week in order to seek some form of intervention. In Egypt, since dictator Mubarak is no longer with us, we now have dictator religion to take his place. A Coptic  teacher was arrested last week for insulting Prophet Muhammad, and two  children also wound up in jail. Fortunately, wiser and calmer heads backed down and released them.

Nevine Gad, a social studies  teacher in the village was discussing Islamic history which led a pupil to file a complaint against her. His father is a known Salafist in the village. Several teachers, based on what the kid said, agreed Ms. Gad was guilty of blasphemy. Most lawyers told Ms. Gad they feared to defend her since it would anger the Salafists.

Egyptians have to decide if the Arab Spring was for ALL Egyptians or was it simply an opportunity for Muslims to impose their ideas on non-believers.