Blasphemy Is Another Word For Truth!

Turkey, in many respects, is a model for Middle Eastern Muslim nations because it allows free reign to secular minded people as well as ensuring the nation retains its Islamic foundation. But, for some strange reason, its leaders fear “words” more than they fear “actions.” Nagehan Alci is a young Turkish journalist who writes a column for a major newspaper and frequently appears on television. Last week she made a comment that has aroused fury among millions of her countrymen. She made note that Turkey’s founder, Ataturk ruled in a dictatorial manner. From 192 until his death in 1938 he initiated a one party system and banned all opposition parties.

The above is a statement of fact, not opinion. My statement in no way offers an interpretation of his effectiveness as leader of Turkey. It simply states, as did Ms.Alci, that Ataturk was an authoritarian ruler. There are cries Ms.Alci is guilty of blasphemy because she described reality. One wonders as to why in so many Islamic states there are blasphemy laws which prevent expressions that run counter to majority views.

If the Muslim religion is really the correct way to live one’s life, then it should bve able to handle words of difference.