Blasphemy Is Blasphemy

A young Christian Pakistani girl was burning some papers, she was illiterate so the girl had absolutely no idea as to what she was burning. It turned out it MIGHT have been some pages from a Qur’an but no one is certain. A mob of Muslim Pakistanis descended on the area and forced hundreds of Christian Muslims to flee for their lives.  The girl was quickly placed in a prison, but since on several occasions those charged with this “crime” have been seized from jails and murdered, no one knows if she is safe.

Her lawyer, Tahir Naveed Cahudhry, says she is mentally about 14 and refuses to make clear as to what is her physical age. I find it ironic that Muslims, who claim the Bible is part of their religion, would not murder someone who burned a Bible. In reality, such incidents reflect lack of an effective educational system, and lack of political leaders who can work to create a modern society.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    i find it horribly sad, that muslems who are all guilty of blastphemy. dare accuse anyone else, with their own blastphemy against G-D here in TheTorah Happening. if it is not blastphemy against G-D, it is not really blastphemy, but merely their arrogant vanity.