Blasphemy Is It?

The Un General Assembly is meeting and one can expect a discordant conflict between Muslim nations and the rest of the world over what is, or should, be termed as –blasphemy. A trio of Muslim leaders-PM Recept Erdogan of Turkey, the mouth President Ahmadinejad of Irana and newly elected President Morsi of Egypt a re determined to have the UN come out against allowing people to make nasty remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. They desire international legal regulations as to making comments about what others deem to be sacred. In simple English this means no one is allowed to make any negative comment about anyone who claims to be speaking as a Muslim.

I wonder if it is illegal to make anti-religious remarks about Muslims does the same apply to making anti-Semitic remarks about Jews? After all, in most Muslim nations “The Protocols of the Elders Of Zion” are openly sold even though this is a false document which is very anti-semitic. Most Muslim nations do not deem it anti-religious to depict Jews as monkeys.

Let’s begin this control of speech by ending anti-semitic comments by Muslims!