Blast Of Fresh Air Between India And Pakistan

All too frequently just when India and Pakistan are ready to enter into negotiations concerning important issues that separate the two nations a terrorist group sets off a bomb and defuses opportunities for peaceful discussions. A few days ago Muslim militants set off a bomb at a restaurant which killed and wounded over a dozen people, but the government of India has decided to ignore the warning and proceed with scheduled talks. Normally, such a decision would not occur without extensive legislature debate, but Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to go ahead and work for peace rather than allow militants to decide the agenda of any negotiation between India and Pakistan.

Perhaps, nothing significant will emerge from these discussions, but a precedent has been established that insurgents don’t decide when the two nations have negotiations. The reality is that these terrorists will attack India regardless of any such talks so why not call the shots rather than allowing them to set the tone of what happens between two great nations.