Blasts Go On In Syria

President Bashar al-Assad continued displaying refusal to agree to any compromise when he dispatched ships from his navy to bombard a city in his own country! Syrian naval vessels joined an attack on the port city of Latakia in which they shelled sites in the town. It was the first naval attack during this period of demonstrations and angry responses from the government. Reports indicate the vessels opened fire with heavy machine guns as well as shells.

However, according to the official news agency, SANA, naval vessels were simply firing at terrorists who had seized part of the city. In the SANA version, “law enforcement members are pursuing armed men who are using heavy machine guns.” In any respect, no one in the Syrian army or navy died, but at least 26 more of the “terrorists” are dead. Naturally, none of these people carried a gun or had any bombs.

The beat goes on, the battles go on, the deaths now have risen to more than 2,000 and there is no end in sight. What next for poor Syria?