Bllair Witch Project Doomed in Middle East

The Israel-Palestinian conflict cries out for an impartial, fair minded person to serve as a mediator. Tony Blair does not fit that description. How about the reasons why he should not be given this task:
1. He backed the war in Iraq.
2. He has made public statements that offended Arabs and Muslims.
3. He refused to condemn the ill-fated Israel attack on Lebanon.
4. He has refused to admit making any mistakes. How can someone be a mediator who is unable to be reflective on past or present errors of judgment?
5. He immediately backed the boycott of Hamas rather than attempting to work with the new leaders who gained office in a free election.
6. He has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to do anything Bush desires. He has displayed a subservience, an obsequious and spineless attitude in dealing with Bush. Any mediation effort will require an American president to be firm with Israel.
7. Frankly, Blair is not an expert on the Middle East.

Here are a few suggestions for the mediator:

Nelson Mandela
Jimmy Carter (he may, on occasion, be pretentious and pompous, but he has experience in mediating Middle Eastern problems.
An Israeli and Arab co-chair.