Blond, Pert, Dumb Preferred!

Kyle Hunter is one of those so called “smart guy types” who believes one has to study a topic in order to express views about it. He has spent time becoming an expert on the subject of the weather and insists one must read books or study reports as to how weather changes. LIke one of those Ivy League types who boasts of spending time in libraries or taking courses, this Hunter man wants television stations to hire smart folk. He is simply just another example of what is wrong about America-instead of praying to God, there are those who want to pray at the altar of knowledge!!

Mr. Hunter charges CBS TV stations KBS and KCBS seek dumb folk to discuss weather stuff. “It appears that the defendants do not want knowledgeable weather professionals as their prime time weather forecasters. It appears they ant attractive young women, and attractive women broadcasting the weather.”

He is dead wrong. They want pert, cute, blond haired young women, not just any old woman. They want young women who babble on and on about topics, by reading large posters containing words they should express. Would you want a dark haired woman when you could have a blond haired one? Mr. Hunter is prejudiced against blond haired ignorant women. He is a BIGOT!