Blood For Blood Demanded In Pakistan

The trials and tribulations of being involved in the nation of Pakistan are bound to make American diplomats sit up at night asking how come they got stuck in this place. An illiterate Christian Pakistan woman was recently condemned to death for allegedly insulting the Prophet, Muhammed. The only demonstrations that emerged from this issue was in support of the death penalty, no crowds came forth with pleas of mercy. Raymond Davis, an American diplomat in Lahore, was on his way to work when two men on motorcycles drove up to his car. He alleges they had guns so he fired and killed both of them. In Pakistan, any Christian or American is automatically guilty and within hours crowds gathered to demand the death of Davis. Shumalia Kanwal, widow of one of the men killed committed suicide in protest against the fact Davis was still alive. Before her death, she told the media: ‘I do not expect any justice from the government. That is why I want to kill myself. The way my husband was shot his killer should be shot. I want Blood for Blood!”

No one can deny the right of rage when one’s loved one is gunned down. The US Embassy in Lahore claims the two men robbed people prior to going after Davis. Relatives of the men deny they were criminals. The basic problem in Pakistan is the inability of its courts to conduct fair trials. Witness the blasphemy trial as an example of “justice in Pakistan.”