Bloody April Continues In Iraq

President Bush insists the famous “surge” has proven successful and that Iraq is on the road to success. General Petraeus notes the drop in the number of incidents of violence. Yesterday in Iraq more than 50 people were killed in car bomb blasts and dozens others were wounded. A vehicle parked across the street from a courthouse in Baquba, forty miles north of Baghdad, exploded and the death toll will undoubtedly rise. The US military insists Iraq government figures on deaths is exaggerated. The reality is, regardless of whether the figure is 20 or 50, violence continues in Iraq and its government has yet to create a viable coalition of concerned parties which will work together for peace in their nation.

General Petraeus is correct in asserting violence has declined from the figures of last year, but he must recognize that since January of this year there has been a steady increase each month in the number of fatalities and violence is on the increase. The continued emphasis on military solutions is not going to lead to outcomes that will ensure there is peace in Iraq. Peace does not necessarily always come through the barrel of guns, it sometimes comes through the barrel of political solutions.