“Bloody Muslim Kids!”

As one who has taught over 12,000 students I would never become upset at the outburst of a teacher who is under stress, but Brigitte Sonsby in a Swedish school should rethink her definition as to what is racism. Ms. Sonsby was having a tough day, boys were not behaving, they were making comic remarks and not paying attention to her as a teacher. She finally exploded: “I’m so bloody tired of you Muslims  ruining the teaching lessons.” When subsequently reprimanded for the racist remark, the teacher insisted her words were being twisted into some form of hate.

All teachers blow up. In some schools youth can be a constant threat to sanity, but as a teacher if I do blow up, the answer is simple. Just apologize to each student who was insulted. That may even earn their respect. But, to deny that we teachers sometimes act like jerks, is not merely stupid, it is unhealthy for our personal lives. Admit that we are under great pressure in teaching and there will be times when stress takes over. That is what we term, maturity.