Bloomberg Follies

The most popular approach to law and order in the United States of America is to be for law and order. Naturally, when one is for law and order in this nation, the object is those who rob a store and get away with $50, not the Wall Street bankers who rob millions of people and get away with billions of dollars. Mayor Mike Bloomberg stands tall for “stop and frisk.” He credits this attack on African Americans and Hispanics for reducing crime in New York City. Of course, crime has been dropping in cities around the nation that do not have “stop and frisk.” Why? Whenever the age bracket 17-28 declines so does crime because it is from this age bracket that most crime arises.

Under pressure, the New York police department has significantly reduced “stop and frisk” the past month. So, what was the result? A decline in crime! Mayor Bloomberg has an interesting explanation. He now insists the “stop and frisk” policy of the past caused criminals to cease being criminals! Stop and Frisk NEVER had any connection with less crime.