Bloomberg Says No To Million

I am always fascinated how big money invariably drifts into the hands and pockets of those who possess big money. It makes one wonder if there really is a God. How come if you have a billion, then YOU win the million prize? It makes one wonder if God is really stand up comic who wants to tease the audience. Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg won something called the “”Genesis Prize” and was given a check foe $1 million by the Genesis Foundation. The award goes to those who are into something termed, “Jewish values.” Anyway, Bloomie is returning the $1 million so it can be redistributed to ten people who will do something about poverty or thee environment or something.

I am Jewish. I am against poverty. I am for the environment. I do possess some Jewish values. And, I sure as hell will appreciate the money. So, how come the dough doesn’t head my way or that of some poor schmuck who is trying to exist on $7.40 an hour? I guess we lack the right Jewish value–having a billion dollars?