“Blow And Go” Or Intelligence Debate In Iraq

USA TODAY revealed a previously classified document about differing strategies used in Iraq to deal with roadside bombers. The Pentagon is concerned with obtaining all vital evidence connected with a roadside bomb which means special teams detonate those explosives and gather up evidence. The theory is by gathering this data, experts will gain knowledge about how to prevent explosions as well as tracing back the origin of the explosive. But, local commanders are frequently adopting a “Blow and Go” strategy whereby their own engineers detonate the explosives and move on quickly without bothering to gather up the evidence. Rep. Solomon Ortiz of the Armed Services Committee noted: “The ‘blow and go’ strategy undermines and compromises those overal efforts by losing key biometrics and evidence needed to identify and capture the network of insurgents.” In effect, the American military is caught between the need for mobility and the need for evidence.

This conflict is a common one between those fighting in foxholes or in convoys who are only concerned with their lives and those at headquarters who explore overall issues and needs. The debate has happened in every war and it will continue occurring in this war.