Blow Up The World In Name Of Something!

Once again, a Muslim suicide bomber struck the innocent, supposedly in the name of Islam or a local leader or because a man was angry at the world. It increasingly becomes boring witnessing men and women blow themselves up in the name of God, religion, or being denied one’s rights. It makes sense if a human is oppressed to strike back, to target those who have been culprits in the oppression of groups. That purpose has sense, but what is one to make of a man getting in his car, driving a few miles, seeing a group of innocent men, women and children at play or eating a meal and then accelerate his car and drive into the crowd with a bang that will ensure the innocent meet death a bit earlier than planned. Undoubtedly, there will be voices which interpret the suicide bomber in Vladikavkaz in the Caucus mountains as simply another manifestation of violence in the Muslim religion. No, he is a human, he is an individual, he made the decision and he could just as readily been Christian, Jew or atheist.

The one universality about this planet is that every religion or non-religion contains within its adherents those who find some rationale in order to foster death. The only force that welcomes such individuals is the man we all will one day encounter–Death.