Blow Up The World!

There are those who regard Osama bin Laden as a hero, there are those who regard Osama as a man whose heart was filled with hate and anger and this resulted in the deaths of thousands of his fellow Muslims. A young man from Bangladesh who was living in New York apparently was consumed with love of the man who murdered his fellow Muslims. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahasan Nafis told an undercover agent of a desire to blow up the Ferderal Reserve in order to inform the world that death awaited the infidels from the West. He boasted of killing women and children, because when one speaks to God, anything is OK.

Undercover agents gave the idiot boy a phony bomb which supposedly was really a detonator that would blow up a car loaded with bombs. Alas, the best laid plans often go astray. Nafis came to New York with a dream of fomign a jihadist cell and sowing death to all who stood in his way to become a martyr.

I guess Mr. Nafis will spend the coming years in a cell where he can dream of one day getting into Heaven. Sorry, but there will not be a parade upon his arrival.