Board Directors Get Wealthy!

Prime Minister David Cameron issued some statements which raise serious questions about his “conservative” orientation. For some strange reason, the prime minister of  England blasted those working as members of a Board of Directors because they happened to find some spare change to pay their wages. Directors of large firms witnessed a 49% increase in pay for their work as overseers of companies. Many of these directors now get paid anywhere from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 a year for their supervision of companies which are selling less. OK, so they handed themselves a bonus payment of about $1,000,00 but is that cause to get upset.

A member of a Board of Director also has to eat. A member of a Board of Directors also has to purchase Xmas toys and presents for members of his/her family. I realize some “liberals” believe one can make it through the year on less than a million dollars! These directors devote hours of their time attempting to figure out ways in which they can be paid for thinking of ways to get higher salaries. This is not a simple task. After all, if your company is losing money, it sure takes a lot of thinking into how you present reasons for bonus payments and higher pay.

I believe no one who works on a board of directors should have pay reduced because the company is losing money. If we lose people who do a terrific job making certain the company loses money, what will happen to the company? After all, the worse nightmare scenario is a company making profit and raising wages of workers.

Pose this question: if directors don’t make millions, who will purchase yachts??