The Veterans Memorial pool opened for the summer season last weekend and hundreds flocked to enjoy the cool comfort of swim as temperatures rose to the nineties. Marie Joseph, a housekeeper from Newport, Rhode Island, who is mother of five children, went for a swim. Something happened on Sunday and for some reason she drowned in a full poor while dozens of others were swimming. Her body sank to the bottom and remained there for two days as people splashed and shouted their joy on the surface of the pool. The body remained at the bottom of the murky and cloudy pool for these two days until some boys snuck into the pool on Tuesday evening and, lo and behold, there was a body.

Another of those weird stories that occasionally hits the media. How could a mother of five children go off to swim, be gone for two days and no one in the family notices she is not around anymore? How could hundreds swim and play while a body was moving underneath them? This is simply another of those strange tales of humanity. Every day, there is another unusual story someplace in this wonderful exceptional nation known as the United States of America.