Boko Haram Bonkers

Boko Haram consists of men who believe they have a God ordained role to kill and kill and kill. In their latest episode soldiers of God entered an agriculture college where young men were studying to become skilled in farming. As the boys slept they were shot to death in order to ensure they got to heaven early in their lives. Boko Haram believes that being educated in the issues of modern life is an insult to God and the only way to respond to God’s desires is to kill and kill and kill. In modern life there are thousands of religious believers who regard love of God to mean kill for God. Fifty young men are dead in northern Nigeria. There is one thing to be said about Boko Haram, they are an equal opportunity group of killers–kill fellow Muslims,kill Christians, or just kill any human who seeks to learn.

I am baffled. I will never understand why anyone is upset because people want to learn.Isn’t that the foundation of any religion?