Boko Haram Goes Bonkers

There are occasions in modern life when one is left wondering if the arrival of modern religions in planet Earth over the past two thousand years has been a force for good or evil. Yes, prior to the arrival of Judaism or Christianity or Islam or Buddhist philosophy, humans hacked one another to death, but these religions now offer a justification for murderers to murder — it is in the name of God. One observes men on their knees, head bent against the ground offering prayers up to God. Of course, many of these prayers inform the Creator that this man just bashed in the head of a baby in order to prove love of God. For some reason, these men of groups like Boko Haram believe that God is only concerned how many died today –in his name?

A group of Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria entered a Christian village in the northeast state of Borno, and began their violence in the name of God. According to a local farmer who escaped, Barnabas Idi, “the attackers came in six trucks and some motorcycles. They asked men to assemble at a place and began to hack and slaughter them.” Of course, this was done in the name and love of God. One is left wondering why this God creates life and desires that what he created must be slaughtered??