Boko Haram Human Murderers

One might think a group named Boko Haram referred to something that was animal in nature rather than a group of people who adhered to human feelings and beliefs. It is a Muslim radical sect which intends to kill the innocent in order to impose its beliefs on the innocent. As thousands celebrated Christmas mass in Nigerian churches, Boko Haram unleashed terror attacks. In one church bombs killed at least 25 people at prayer while in another church in Jos, dozens were injured by bombs.

A spokesperson for Boko Haram proudly took responsibility for the murders. It is always so pleasant to listen to those who believe in God announcing they are killing in the name of God. The vast majority of Muslims do not adhere to this interpretation of their religion, but those who do would gladly go to someplace up on high in order to prove that religion is all about murdering the innocent.

We should note that Jesus Christ is also an important figure in the Muslim religion, but I assume Boko Haram followers do not know that fact about their religion.