Boko Haram Is Bonkers

There are times in life when this human becomes confused as to why we humans behave as humans. I expect that people who share the same religion will respect their houses of worship even though they might disagree with someone who is of their religion. Makes sense to me. But, I do not live in the nation of Nigeria which contains a group of Muslims known as Boko Haram who are convinced the Prophet or God or someone up in the sky has sent them on a mission to kill men, women and children who do not agree with their version of the Muslim religion. In reality, they are more akin to Christians who spent a hundred years killing one another in the name of God than they are to modern Muslims. OK, so what I just wrote is not actually accurate. Muslims, like Christians and Buddhists and just about every organized religion, have been engaged in programs of death and destruction to fellow members of the same religion for hundreds of years.Birds of a feather do not flock together when it comes to religion, they slaughter in the name of God.

Muslims in a mosque on the outskirts of the city of Kano in Nigeria were praying. As one person commented: “we were inside the mosque praying when we heard gunshots just as we were almost finished praying.” Boko Haram thugs burst in and began blasting away shouting “Allah akbar”(God is Great). People died with their prayer book in hand. Boko Haram thugs danced for joy. Just another day at the mosque.