Bolivian President In Hunger Strike

Bolivian President Evo Morales has undertaken a hunger strike in order to force opposition leaders to support his planned changes in the nation’s electoral law. “Christ gave his life for the poor, and we’re here to give our lives for the poor” was the message sent by by the president to the nation. The opposition fears the changes will strengthen the party of Morales and allow them to get an overwhelming majority in the legislature. Opposition members believe if the changes go through, Morales will be able to obtain a two-thirds majority and do whatever he desires in the legislature.

President Morales has come up with an interesting idea that might well be applied to other world leaders. Imagine if Don Rumsfeld has threatened to stick his head in a barrel of water until terrorists agreed to speak the truth? Or,George Bush could threaten to go on television and speak nonstop for twelve hours, surely, the country would give him whatever he desires to avoid such an event. Sarah Palin could threaten to give her speech about the virtues of small town America for twenty four hours nonstop.

This is definitely an innovative way to get your message across.