Bomb Me–I Bomb YOU!

Syrian Deputy Foreing Minister wants Turkey and other nations to understand that if they dare to assist the United States in its bombing exeercise that they will feel the brunt of a Syrian attack on their coutries. Faisal al-Mekdad warned Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Finland, Greenland and that pesky Mongolian army not to attack his fair land UNless they wanted to be bombed into extinction. “We beleive that any attack on Syria will definitely result in chaos.” He admitted that Syria has been receiving arms from Russia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has made clear that Turkey is going to do something. As of this moment, it is not exactly clear what the “something” is, but Syria can rest assured when Turkey warns folks that it will do something, they can rest assured the something will happen.

The dogs of war are angry at this moment. There is a desire to piss on someone in order to make clear that one is a MAN and real men piss away at those who think they are tough. Has anyone considered bringing together all contestants in this conflict and conduct a pissing contest? Such an event will prove to the world which nation has the biggest prick.