Bombing Continues In Pakistan

I am not a scholar of the Muslim religion. My background is in Middle Eastern, European and American history although I have written about United States policy toward China. Therefore, I find myself increasingly baffled by bombings in Pakistan or Iraq which invariably result in the deaths of Muslim women, children and men. The latest episode involved huge blast In Peshawar which killed 91, but what was most shocking about the attack is the bombing took place in a market which sold items to children. As I admit, I am not a scholar of the Muslim religion. I simply can not enter into the mind of a Muslim man who would load himself up with bombs and set them off at a site where Muslim children might be present.

Please do not misunderstand my comments. I am very aware of European and American brutality in history. Although I have studied the Holocaust, I am no more able to enter into the minds of German soldiers who bashed in the heads of babies. Who are these creatures of the night, whether in Muslim societies, or elsewhere, who justify killing of the innocent. Of course, the German soldier did not kill those with whom he associated–non Jewish Germans, but Muslim terrorists kill their own.

I do not understand.