Bombing – Rockets- Bombing – Rockets And So On!

Israel launched the invasion of Gaza in order to destroy the capability of Hamas once and for all to cease firing rockets into southern regions of their nation. After three weeks of bloody shelling and air attacks, 1,300 Gazans are dead along with 13 Israelis, but rockets continue to come from Gaza. The Israel air force struck back with bombings of tunnels which carry goods in and out of Gaza. There is no question, the IDF has the power to completely wipe out Hamas although it would come at a cost of dead Israelis. Ironically, the belief that military power is the answer to problems in the region is one held by both Israel and Hamas. So far, there is no evidence this view has led to any other result than war and death.

Israel sources indicate the Olmert government would be willing to allow up to 75% of needed goods into Gaza in exchange for the release of the Israeli soldier held by Hamas. In on sense, the invasion of Gaza was as much about his life as the rocket attacks. This raises an intriguing moral issue– is the life of a single human allowed to decide whether or not hundreds die in the process of dealing with the issue? Each human life is precious, but there is no evidence the Israeli soldier has been killed. Diplomacy will eventually result in his freedom, but in the meantime his life can not be held up as justification for killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians.