Bombs Away–Again?

President Hamid Karzai must finally be getting tired of dodging bombs in Kabul because he came out for some form of reconciliation that would end the war in
Afghanistn. His nation has witnessed thousands of people shouting and burning and demanding  action because a nut case in America put a silly video on You

President hamid Karzai must be getting a bit tired of dodging bombs and  seeking to avoid nasty questions  about how he became a multi-millioniare. His nation has been rocked by riots and burning and anger because some nut case in California put out a silly video about Muslims. To make matters worse, another suicide attack led to death of more American and NATO soldiers and a decision to cut back on joint programs with Afghan soldiers.

Karzai is now pleading for peace. Perhaps, step one  in achieving this goal is for the president to investigate those around him and secure explanations how men working for the Afghan government suddenly became rather wealthy. Of course, he could open up his bank accounts.

Then again, Mitt Romney does not want anyone checking his accounts so why check those in Afghanistan?