Bombs Away–Far Away–In Russia

Shopping malls throughout Russia were the scenes of fleeing customers when stores reported finding messages in rest rooms about hidden bombs. After intensive search no such bombs were found at any of the malls that supposedly were the target of terrorist attacks. Security officials believe they have identified the man who blew himself up at the Moscow airport and killed a few dozen people. He is supposedly a 20 year old male from the North Caucusus region. Police also identified Vitaly Razdobuko, who is a member of Nogal Jamaat as a collaborator in the attack. The bottom line is refusal on the part of the Russian government to allow people in regions of the Caucusus mountains to enjoy free elections and the right to be led by those from their own groups. Heavy handed policies by Vladmir Putin have gained him popularity among Russians and hatred among other people in Russia.

President Medvedev was attending an economic conference and had to explain the bombing. Until Medvedev ceases being a lackey of Putin he can never become a great leader who brings democracy to Russia and respect in the world.