Bombs Away For Iran!

James Mattis is a former four star general in the United States  Marine Corps and he knows how to fight. General Mattis is still upset because the US government under the coward Barack Obama did not take a stronger stand when Iranian agents plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States. It turned out that an Iranian American named Manssor Arbadbisar, former used car salesman, hired assassins to kill the Saudi diplomat. He was discovered the plot was avoided and the used car salesman wound up in jail. Sorry, not enough for the general. He is furious at failure of the State Department and Defense Department for failing to speak tougher and do something. He still wonders why they were “not making any threats.”

General, the US government has sent agents into Iran to murder Iranian scientists, it has hacked into Iranian computers and caused havoc. Our agents murdered unlike Iranian agents. So, what is the threat you desire?