Bombs Away In Baghdad!

As I recall our beloved and all wise President George Bush made clear the US was invading Iraq in order to wipe out WMD and to bring democracy to the oppressed people of that nation. The years have passed, the WMD myth has passed, and now that American troops have finally left Iraq, the myth of spreading democracy will soon pass. Even as the last American soldier left Iraq, Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki began his program to wipe out Sunni political leaders.

Once again, Baghdad was the scene of death and destruction as Sunni militants responded to being blocked out of government by blasting their Shiite enemies. Once again innocent civilians died due to bomb blasts. It was clear that bombs were set by Sunnis who are furious at actions of Maliki to arrest Sunni political leaders.

I wonder if George is still proud that American brought democracy to Iraq. I wonder how many Republican political leaders who hailed the invasion are now complaining that Iraq is not a democracy. I guess this is simply another example of failed Obama policies.