Bombs Away In Ireland

Decades before there was any such thing as “Muslim terrorists,” the people of Ireland confronted issues of terrorism in their daily lives. Members of the Irish Republican Army resorted to murder, to bombs and to physical bullying of their opponents. Of course, they were fighting for “freedom,” and their right to govern themselves. According to Representative Pet King, who currently is conducting hearings into the issue of American Muslim terrorism, the IRA represented decent people and he was proud to contribute money to help them secure weapons. Two days ago in Northern Ireland, a policeman was leaving his home when he triggered off a booby-trap that left him dead. Yesterday, police found a van which had high explosives and was undoubtedly going to be used to kill innocent people. Yes, Pete King, they are simply “patriots” fighting for their rights!

No commentator in America will refer to these incidents of violence in Ireland because they were caused by white, Catholic men. If a Muslim uses violence, it is because the Muslim is a terrorist. If a white person uses violence, it is because he is a freedom fighter!