Bombs Away In Kabul

I was a much younger man when the United States sent troops into Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban. In those days I could walk at least three miles in an hour. My children had just entered college and would go on to their careers. Our national debt was $5 billion  but our wealthy folk had to pay the outrageous high tax rate of 39%(of course, none actually did pay at that figure, would you believe, 7%?) As I recall, most Taliban had left Afghanistan by the end of  2001. Fast forward twelve years and bombs are exploding in Kabul and they were set by the Taliban which, allegedly, had departed the fair land about a dozen years prior.

At least sixteen people died in car bombs while they waited to go home from Afghanistan’s supreme court building. Most had just entered their bus when Kaboom! Cars were blown up, bodies were sent flying, and chaos once again was the norm in Afghanistan. Our sorrow is for the people of this troubled land. They have murderers awaiting their every move during the day. They have a corrupt government, they have no  security. They only enjoy the chaos of winning a war.