Bombs Away In New York

A street vendor and a policeman stumbled on a car which had smoke and some strange items inside. The bomb squad was called and it identified a possible bomb which was trying to explode but had been put together by amateurs. The car was parked in Times Square and the obvious intention was to send off an explosion that would have killed numerous people and wounded even more. Homeland Security claimed it was a potential terrorist attack, but Mayor Bloomberg “we have no idea who did this or why.” And, he added in a nonchalant voice, “these things invariably come to New York.” Exactly, what was the surprise about this event? It was simply a matter of time before someone with hatred toward the United States set off a bomb or some equivalent way of causing death and destruction.

We are constantly being told there is a “war against terrorism.” If so, then there will be casualties. Such is the way of war.