Bombs Away In Pakistan

Our ever beloved Taliban suicide bombers decided to blast away at a group of Pakistan military recruits who were heading home after months of training. They blew themselves up in Shabqadar at the main gate of a facility which trains men for the Frontier Constabulary. Around 900 men were at the training facility when the two men somehow set themselves off and killed 80 people including 66 recruits and left at least 120 people wounded. The explosions occurred just as the young men were loading their vans with luggage. According to a spokesperson for the Pakistan Taliban “We have done this to avenge the Abbottabad incident” and he went on to warn of attacks on any Americans still living in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, back at the OK Corral in Pakistan, a group of 350 lawyers attended special prayers for bin Laden on the premises of the high court in Lahore. The lawyers cursed the US and shouted, “Down With America.” A few years ago, Pakistan looked to its young lawyers as the source of a new opening into democracy. Unfortunately, they have become voices of hate and violence while preaching the importance of law and order.

Actually, the main outcome of the killing of Osama bin Laden was to make the Pakistan military more aware of the need to be prepared for future US military operations As for the Taliban, oh…….

  • Lorne Marr

    The core problem is that the US government has poured so much money to the Pakistani military while ignoring other domains of the country such as economy or social welfare. Moreover, the difficult relationship between military and civilian leaders provides grounds for corruption and possible links with terrorist groups.