Bombs Away In Russia

Vladimir Putin believes that he is the man to be feared in Russia and anyone who stands in his way can expect a quick trip to a nice cold cell in Siberia. However, he has never been able to completely destroy Chechen rebels who remember the campaign of death and destruction he unleashed on their homeland. Russian troops occupy the land, but there are thousands of people who hate Russia and seek nothing other than revenge. Two days ago, a female suicide bomber blew herself up in the train system of Volgograd resulting in the death of seventeen people. Yesterday, a man blew up a trolley and killed at least fourteen people. Doku Umarov, leader of Chechen rebels has vowed revenge and it now appears he will use the Sochi Olympic games as the site of some additional carnage.

Putin has the power to arrest and convict-there are no “trials” in the nation of Russia if the defendant is an opponent of Putin. But, his policy of brutality against the people of Chechen can not prevent suicide bombers and those who enjoy killing from emerging and carrying out their plans of destruction. Sorry Vladimir, these people are not three women who are pussy when it comes to murder of the innocent!