Bombs Away In Syria

Another day in Syria, another bombing by government planes of its own people. Syrian jets blasted Homs in another effort to kill and maim those who do not like President Bashar al-Assad. Apparently the attack was in response to a rebel assault on the district of Baba Amr which had been lost to Syrian troops last week. To add to the day of violence, al-Qaeda claimed to have killed 48 Syrian soldiers and nine Iraq guards who were protecting a convoy in Iraq. Naturally, the Iraq government was angry because “terrorists” were in their country. It is a shocking thing for terrorists to be found in Iraq.

The war goes on. The violence goes on. Crowds of Muslims in Pakistan attacked Christians because of  an alleged incident of “blasphemy.” For some strange reason these Muslims are not upset that thousands of Muslims are dying in Syria. Now, if President Assad could be found guilty of blasphemy, crowds would pour into Syria!