Bombs Away In Syria!

Once again a suicide bomber  blew himself up in Damascus and killed at least 25 people while wounding dozens. President Bashar al-Assad blames “terrorists” who, in his view, are also leading vocal protests against his government. Some observers blame al-Qaeda which seeks to support Sunnis in their opposition to the Alwaite Assad. Some blame Assad since it would not be difficult to recruit someone who would blow himself up and allow the government to find excuses for killing innocent people.

Of course, there are other possibilities:

1. Mossad. After all, if there is a problem in the Middle East, just say, “Mossad.” After all, they were behind the 9/11 bombing.

2. The CIA. After all, they are capable of any crime.

3.  American Muslims who are blamed for all evils by Republican seekers for the presidential nomination.

4. Of course, there is always the ever convenient, Barack Obama.

5. We nominate Ron Paul who wants any excuse to justify staying out of world affairs.

Or, make your own nomination.