Bombs Away Inside Iran!

Worshippers gathered in the Grand Mosque of Zahedan in order to pray and meet with friends and other families. It was a normal event for them to come together on Friday and be members of the Muslim religion. Suddenly, a blast went off sending dozens of people to the ground, some fatally victims of the attack and others wounded. People rushed to the aid of those lying on the ground only themselves to be subject of a second blast which again sent people to their deaths or to hospitals. At least 28 died and over 160 were wounded. The bombs were set off by an Iranian separatist group known as Jundullah–“soldiers of God” who were furious at the execution by the Iranian government of their leader, Abduulmalh Rigi and his brother. They had been captured in Pakistan and extradited to Iran. The group seeks autonomy from the Iranian state. Naturally, the Iranian government immediately blamed American and British intelligence forces for instigating the attacks. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed sorrow as did the British Foreign Office.

Iran has been encouraging one terrorist group after another to kill innocent people who are in a mosque. Of course, the government of Ahmadinejad never considered that those who play with terrorism may one day wind up as victims of the violence they export. It is time for the Hillary Clinton and her British partner to urged meetings with the Iranian government and offer to collaborate in ending all such terrorist attacks on those in mosques.