Bombs Away On Libya

Finally, finally, Barack Obama has decided to uphold the principles that he so often TALKS about. American military forces joined with those of France and England to launch air and missile attacks on Libyan bases and tanks. As these bombs blasted Gaddafi’s military drive, his forces were attempting to quickly gain control of Benghazi in order to end the rebellion. Undoubtedly, western and Arab League efforts are designed to make Gaddafi think twice before he begins large scale murder of his opponents. The initial hope is to eliminate any possibility of his air force carrying out any further missions. Early reports indicate American missiles are severely damaging Libyan anti-missile sites, but it is still unclear the extent to which these air assaults are able to halt further movement of the Gaddafi army which is, most probably, either in or on the outskirts of Benghazi.

Despite fears of US dead, as of this point no American military have been killed or wounded. This attack could have been carried out a week ago when it was still time to prevent Gaddafi from moving into eastern Libya.