Bombs Away–OOPS!

It is unfortunate that President Obama has spent so much of his time working on ways to kill Muslim militants when some of that time might have been focused on ways to kill the recession. He is committed to the Drone war. He is committed to using Drones as the focus on a sir attacks on alleged militant leaders. There is no question Drones have been effective in the process of taking out al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders.

Alas, Drone are merely machines and machines, like humans, make mistakes. Even as Taliban militants sent suicide bombers into Kandahar to kill 30 innocent civilians, a NATO Drone attack resulted in the death of about 18 innocent people including  women and five children. Taliban militants hid in a home which contained civilians, but the Drone, being a mere machine, could not separate the good from evil human life forms.

Such is life–and Death– in 2012 Afghanistan.