Bombs Blast Moscow Airport

Hundreds of people were gathered at the Moscow airport waiting to pick up their luggage, when suddenly, a huge explosion ripped through the crowd sending body parts swirling in every direction. Most probably, it was the work of Chechen rebels who are still fighting Russia after a decade of conflict. There is no justification for killing the innocent because one is oppressed, there is no excuse for killing children because my children have died at the hands of Russians. It makes no difference whether one is Christian or Muslim or Jewish, the death of the innocent person is a crime against humanity. I am certain there is happiness among rebel Chechens at the slaughter in Moscow. There is always joy at the death of my enemy. But, in reality, the Chechens have not killed any of their enemies. Their enemies are headed by Prime Minister Vladmir Putin and he is safe and secure in the Kremlin. If any Chechen leader believes Putin, the ex-KGB man, gives a damn that Russians have been killed, he is living in fantasy.

The rebel can kill those who have not harmed him. The rebel can feel smug and justified in knowledge those who he regards as the “enemy” died this morning. But, no one who fights in the name of God can kill the innocent and still believe in that God.