Bombs In Afghanistan

The wedding reception witnessed dozens of people chatting and drinking and dancing. After all, they had come to give blessing to the daughter of Ahmad Khan Samangari, a member of Parliament and a former notorious commander of militants during the Afghan civil war of the 1990s. A man approached Samangari, gave him a hug, reached down to his stomach and detonated a bomb which blew him up along with twenty two people at the reception. Another forty were wounded. This was simply the manner in which the Taliban celebrates life–and death in Afghanistan.

This was has lasted over a decade and death continues to be the most important commodity in the land. One can only wonder how those claiming to be devout members of  a religion explain the murder of innocent men, women, and children. The only logical explanation is a desire to send to heaven the innocent. Such is life, such is death in this sorrowful land.