Bombs In Baghdad

As I recall, former President George Bush promised the American people that US troops would be welcomed with open arms when they drove evil dictator, Saddam Hussein from power. I expected flowers to be on the streets of Baghdad and joyous crowds hugging and kissing our troops. As I recall,former President Bush promised that, while he had been somewhat optimistic, a Surge under General Petraeus would rid the city of Baghdad of terrorists and bring peace and security to the people of Iraq. Ah, that was then and now is now. A wave of car bombings his central and southern Iraq yesterday leaving 51 people dead and hundreds wounded. Since April, over 3,000 have died in peaceful Iraq and thousands have been wounded.

There is no peace in Iraq. Over 400,000 Iraqi Christians have fled the land in which they lived for nearly two thousand years. Al-Qaeda is strong and the famous Petraeus Surge is as successful as the general was in his love life.