Bombs In Pakistan

The government of Pakistan operates on the theory if it ignores militants, they will hop over the border to Afghanistan and create problems. Once the Americans leave Afghanistan, its government will seek aid from Pakistan and thus come under control of its intelligence group kown as the ISI. There is only one problem with this theory, militants don’t know they are supposed to only fight in Afghanistan. Once again, for the third time, the Minhaus air base was attacked by militants. They attempted to blow up hangars and planes.

During the battle militants were killed by Pakistan troops. However, after the  battle remote controlled bombs were found near the hangars. In other words, there are members of the Pakistan armed forces who cooperate with the Taliban and al-Qaida in Pakistan. At some point, the Pakistan government has to recognize they are not going to fight a war against India and take hundreds of thousands of their troops and move them against Taliban and al-Qaida forces.