Bombs Leading To Peace?

There are reports from Libya of troops loyal to thug leader Muammar Gaddafi who are becoming frightened of air attacks from NATO planes and may be ready to cash in their cash in order to save their lives. Rebel Commander Ahmed Omar Bani, a former Libyan officer, told the media many Gaddafi loyalists have asked to surrender in order to halt the air assault on their positions. “We are trying to negotiate with these people in Ajdabiya because we are almost sure they have lost contact with their headquarters.” Out side several key towns in eastern Libya a stalemate has emerged. Gaddafi loyalists have tanks and artillery, but they fear emerging into the open for fear French air planes will blast them to hell. Rebels lack the military resources to drive back these troops, and both sides remain fixed in positions, gazing at the sky, one group hoping planes will appear, the other fearing such appearances.

The reality is Gaddafi troops are ready to massacre the populations of these towns if they can seize control of them from the rebels. The only force preventing these deaths are planes and missiles. A question is: how long can these protective barriers remain in operation?