Bombs Of Yesterday Live On Today

On the night of Feruary 13, 1945 bombers of the Royal Air Force and the American 8th Air Force began a violent attack on the city of Dresden. They destroyed a wide area of the city and estimates of dead range from 25,000 upwards. For years, German neo-Nazis have organized a march on this date to protest Allied brutality against the defenseless people of Nazi Germany whose only crime was to seek a little extra living room-somewhere to to the east. In a sense, this neo-Nazi march is an attempt to portray Nazi Germany as the innocent folk and those who fought against it as the real war criminals.

On February 13, 2013 thousands of people in Dresden formed a human chain to protest the Nazi march. They want the world to understand that Germans are responsible for World War II, not the Allied forces. Was the bombing an act of brutality? War transforms people into beings capable of acts that ordinarily will not be committed. The bombing assault occurred just two months after Allied forces suffered over 100,000 dead, wounded, and captured Allied soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge. During the battle, SS units murdered over 200 American soldiers who had surrendered.

War is hell.