Boom Boom Go Syrian Rebels

In case anyone forgot there still is a war going on in Syria. However, in all honesty, this observer admits to having lost control over any understanding as to who is fighting and why they are fighting. Some Islamic rebels who belong to the Islamic Front decided to dig a tunnel under the Carlton Hotel in Aleppo. The hotel is now, or should I say, once was, a military headquarters. Insurgents dug and dug and finally were under the hotel. They planted explosives, linked them to detonators outside the tunnel, and then there was a huge explosion and there went the Carlton Hotel in a cloud of smoke. We do know that over a hundred bad guys who are part of the Syrian army no longer are members of the Syrian army because they now reside up in the sky with, or without, the virgins to care for them.

The Islamic Front includes some who once were in the Free Syrian Army as well as Islamic forces that hate al-Qaeda and then there are other factions whose names I no longer know or frankly, care to know. I dislike President Assad as do most normal people. But, as to who or what comprises those oppose to the mass murderer, I am lost. I wonder if there is anyone in Syria who has kept track as to who are the good or the bad guys? If so, please let me know.