Boom Boom In Afghanistan

It is difficult to realize the war that began in Afghanistan in 2001 is now entering its twelfth year and the beat goes on and on. Taliban militants sent car bombs toward the US consultate in Herat in that nation and the bombs soon were blasting away and blasting and blasting. Taliban fighters attacked the compound, people were killed and the battle raged for a day. As with all such attacks, people died, there was terror in the air and eventually some form of quiet and peace returned to the scene of action. American authorities had some good news–no Americans died in the attack by a combination of car bombs and foot soldiers. Ah, the “good news” is that “our people” did not die or get wounded while it was “only Afghans” who suffered the consequence of war.

US troops secured the compound and prevented any of the attackers from breaching the wall. Naturally, US officials denounced these senseless deaths. At some point it might be time for former President George Bush to step up and accept some responsibility for his failure to focus on developing a stable Afghanistan. I forgot, Republicans never take responsibility for the messes they create, it is always the fault of “those guys” called, Democrats.