Boot This Film Say Ukranians

A new Russian film has aroused anger among conservative forces in the Ukraine. The film depicts a football game that was played in Kiev on August 9, 1942 between members of the Kiev top football club, Dynamo, against a team of German soldiers. The so called, “Death Match” resulted in a Ukrainain victory and subsequent arrest and murder of several members of the Dynamo team. The SS was furious that Supermen could lose to inferior Ukranians and had warned the players to lose. They decided to win.

Conservative forces in the Ukraine are angry because the film also depicts the reality of many Ukranian  collaborators with Nazi Germany.  Unfortunately, that was reality, a large percent of people in the Ukraine initially welcomed German soldiers who they believed had come to free them from Russian Communist control. Eventually, most realized the Nazis were worse than communists.

Reality is that thousand sof Ukranians served with German soldiers in  helping ot round up and kill Jews. One may apologize for history, but one can not ignore history.